Controlling effect of tectonic-paleogeomorphology on deposition in the south of Lufeng sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin

Mengya Jiang, Dongxia Chen, Xiaofei Chang, Liangfeng Shu, Fuwei Wang

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Paleogene depositional systems in the south of Lufeng sag have complex spatial distribution, which are influenced by pre-depositional paleogeomorphology and multi-period tectonic activities. In this paper, to clarify the controlling effect of tectonic-paleogeomorphology on sedimentary facies distribution and effectively guide oil and gas exploration, the Paleogene paleogeomorphic pattern in the south of Lufeng sag is reconstructed by the impression method, and the temporal and spatial evolution laws of the main faults are clarified. The results show that braided river deltas developed stably in the long-axis gentle slope belt of the lake basin, while the short-axis sedimentary system changed from fan deltas to braided river deltas in response to the change of active strength of dominant faults from strong to weak. It is found that the scale of the sedimentary fan is closely related to the activity of the main fault, the area of the catchment, and the vertical elevation difference. The steep cliff is controlled by the boundary fault with large fault throw and steep section, and there are wedge-shaped sand bodies near the steep cliff. The multi-level fault-step zone provides the driving force for the advancement of the sedimentary system, and the sand body extends for a long distance. It is established that the supply capacity of the source area and the accommodated space of the lake basin are coupled to control the deposition scale. Moreover, the slope controlled by the combination of paleogeomorphic assemblage and the activity of the main fault determines the sedimentary type, and the structural slope-break zone defines the spreading pattern of the sands.

Cited as: Jiang, M., Chen, D., Chang, X., Shu, L., Wang, F. Controlling effect of tectonic-paleogeomorphology on deposition in the south of Lufeng sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022, 6(5): 363-374.


Fault activity, paleogeomorphology, sedimentary system, paleogene, Lufeng sag, Pearl River Mouth Basin

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