Characterization of mineral and pore evolution under CO2-brine-rock interaction at in-situ conditions

Songtao Wu, Cong Yu, Xiaolin Hu, Zhichao Yu, Xiaohua Jiang

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Herein, a method of physical modeling of CO2-brine-rock interaction and in-situ characterization of mineral and pore evolution is established. The nested preparation and installation of the same sample with different sizes could protect and keep the integrality of the millimeter-size sample in conventional high-temperature and high-pressure reactors. This paper establishes a procedure to obtain the three-dimensional in-situ comparison of minerals and pores before and after the reaction. The resolution is updated from 5-10 µ m to 10 nm, which could be helpful for modeling CO2-brine-rock interaction in unconventional tight reservoirs. This method could be applied to CO2-enhanced oil recovery as well as CO2 capture, utilization, and storage scientific research. Furthermore, it may shed light on the carbon sequestration schemes in the Chinese petroleum industry.

Cited as: Wu, S., Yu, C., Hu, X., Yu, Z., Jiang, X. Characterization of mineral and pore evolution under CO2-brine-rock interaction at in-situ conditions. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022, 6(2): 177-178.


In-situ conditions, sample preparation, mineral and pore evolution

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