Advances in multiscale numerical and experimental approaches for multiphysics problems in porous media

Yongfei Yang, Yingfang Zhou, Martin J. Blunt, Jun Yao, Jianchao Cai

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Research on the scientific and engineering problems of porous media has drawn increasing attention in recent years. Digital core analysis technology has been rapidly developed in many fields, such as hydrocarbon exploration and development, hydrology, medicine, materials and subsurface geofluids. In summary, science and engineering research in porous media is a complex problem involving multiple fields. In order to encourage communication and collaboration in porous media research using digital core technology in different industries, the 5th International Conference on Digital Core Analysis & the Workshop on Multiscale Numerical and Experimental Approaches for Multiphysics Problems in Porous Media was held in Qingdao from April 18 to 20, 2021. The workshop was jointly organized by the China InterPore Chapter, the Research Center of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media at the China University of Petroleum (East China) and the University of Aberdeen with financial support from the National Sciences Foundation of China and the British Council. Due to the current pandemic, a hybrid meeting was held (participants in China met in Qingdao, while other participants joined the meeting online), attracting more than 150 participants from around the world, and the latest multi-scale simulation and experimental methods to study multi-field coupling problems in complex porous media were presented.

Cited as: Yang, Y., Zhou, Y., Blunt, M. J., Yao, J., Cai, J. Advances in multiscale numerical and experimental approaches for multiphysics problems in porous media. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2021, 5(3): 233-238, doi: 10.46690/ager.2021.03.01


Porous media, digital rock, transport phenomenon, multiscale, multiphysics

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