Advances in multiscale rock physics for unconventional reservoirs

Jianchao Cai, Luanxiao Zhao, Feng Zhang, Wei Wei

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The multiscale rock physics of unconventional reservoirs have drawn increasing attention in recent years, which involves several essential issues, including measuring method, transport property, physics model, characteristic scale, and their application. These issues vastly affect science and engineering regarding the exploration and development of unconventional reservoirs. To encourage communication on the advances of research on the rock physics of unconventional reservoirs, a conference on Multiscale Rock Physics for Unconventional Reservoirs was jointly organized by the journals Energies and Advances in Geo-Energy Research. Due to the limitations of movement caused by COVID-19, 21 experts introduced their work online, and the conference featured the latest multiscale theories, experimental methods and numerical simulations on unconventional reservoirs.

Cited as: Cai, J., Zhao, L., Zhang, F., Wei, W. Advances in multiscale rock physics for unconventional reservoirs. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022, 6(4): 271-275.


Unconventional reservoirs, rock physics, multiscale, physical model

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