Application of intelligent well completion in optimising oil production from oil rim reservoirs

Eric Broni-Bediako, Naziru Issaka Fuseini, Richard Nii Ayitey Akoto, Eric Thompson Brantson

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Intelligent well application has proven useful in maximising oil production from oil rim reservoirs. Intelligent wells are equipped with downhole sensors and surface controlled downhole inflow control valves (ICVs) which should be strategically controlled by the operator. Challenges however arise in determining the best reactive control strategy (RCS). This paper seeks to develop an effective RCS (algorithm) that will maximise oil production and to ascertain how the proposed RCS will fare when porosity, permeability, oil-water contact and skin factor change. An anticlinal oil rim reservoir with a horizontal well was modelled and run using ECLIPSE 100. The well was later made intelligent by installing ICVs and a RCS was designed to control the valves. Three RCS were proposed but the algorithm that produced the maximum cumulative oil was selected to be the optimal. The intelligent well yielded more cumulative oil and gas than the conventional horizontal well. It also delayed water breakthrough and reduced cumulative water production. Sensitivity analysis on porosity, permeability and skin positively affects the developed reactive control strategy whereas oil water contact variations yielded poor results. Economic analysis of the intelligent well for 20 years showed that the application of the intelligent well completion in the oil rim reservoir was profitable.

Cited as: Broni-Bediako, E., Fuseini, N.I., Akoto, R.N.A., Brantson, E.T. Application of intelligent well completion in optimising oil production from oil rim reservoirs. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2019, 3(4): 343-354, doi: 10.26804/ager.2019.04.01


Conventional well, intelligent well completion, oil rim reservoir, reactive control strategy, water coning

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