Reservoir stimulation for unconventional oil and gas resources: Recent advances and future perspectives

Qinzhuo Liao, Bin Wang, Xiang Chen, Peng Tan

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The first Geo-Energy Frontier Forum with the theme of “opportunities and challenges for geo-energy exploration and development” was successfully held in Wuhan, recently. The forum included 32 sessions, mainly focused on four directions: geo-energy development and reserve, petroleum geophysical exploration, oil and gas geology, and field development engineering. This paper summarizes the key findings in the 22nd session titled “Reservoir stimulation for unconventional oil and gas resources”. A total of 17 experts and scholars participated in the presentations, covering a wide range of topics in unconventional oil and gas resources development. This research collectively highlighted the significance of reservoir stimulation techniques in unconventional oil and gas resource development, including research progress in fracture network modeling techniques, fluid pressure, rock mechanics, fracture propagation, and proppant migration in hydraulic fracturing.

Document Type: Perspective

Cited as: Liao, Q., Wang, B., Chen, X., Tan, P. Reservoir stimulation for unconventional oil and gas resources: Recent advances and future perspectives. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2024, 13(1): 7-9.


Unconventional resources, hydraulic fracturing, fracture propagation, proppant migration

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