From digital rock to digital wellbore: Multiscale reconstruction and simulation

Peng Chi, Jianmeng Sun, Weichao Yan, Likai Cui

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Subsurface rocks exhibit multiscale heterogeneity characteristics ranging from the microscopic to macroscopic levels. A significant challenge in geophysical exploration research is how to accurately analyze the cross-scale characterization of rock component structures and physical responses. The advancement of rock imaging equipment and computational resources has led to the emergence of digital rock physics technology as a crucial tool for addressing these challenges. This paper explores common methods and issues in three dimensional modeling and numerical simulations, spanning from micro-nano scale rocks to meter-scale wellbores, and presents relevant research insights. An initial review of the previous research and evolving trends in multiscale rock modeling and physical property simulation is firstly carried out. Subsequently, the primary methods and application range of multiscale simulation are summarized, followed by an outline of the modeling approaches and application directions for digital wellbores. The progression from digital rocks to digital wellbores signifies the successful cross-scale application of digital rock physics technology from the microscopic to macroscopic levels.

Document Type: Perspective

Cited as: Chi, P., Sun, J., Yan, W., Cui, L. From digital rock to digital wellbore: Multiscale reconstruction and simulation. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2024, 13(1): 1-6.


Digital rock, digital wellbore, multiscale modeling, numerical simulation

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